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We at Naples Fire/Rescue are very proud of the new Causeway Flag. We have discovered this pride has spread throughout our Community. The Department has voluntarily assumed the role as caretaker of the flag, pole and lights. We are doing this with fundraising money and not tax dollars.

After about one year of maintenance we have found this responsibility is somewhat expense. We estimate about $1500-2000 per year. With that said we want to give people, which are as proud as us, a way to help defray these costs. We will be grateful for any donation and promise to only use it on flag maintenance.

If you can help you can send a donation by mail or use the PayPal link below. Thank you very much and rest assured we will be watching over Naples as Firefighters and EMT's as well as our American Flag on the Causeway.

Naples Fire/Rescue
1100 Roosevelt Trail
Naples, ME 04055

By Paypal: