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Naples Public Safety Building Sign Policy

- All requests should be made one week in advance no later than Thursday of that week

- All requests should be is writing using attached form

- All requests shall be from Non-Profit groups

- Political request will not be accepted

- No request will last more than 3 days in a row

- No bad language will be allowed

- Sign will be displayed as written on the form

- No one group can display more than once a week (unless no other request have been received)

- Naples fire and Rescue message will take precedent over other requests

- Pulic Emergency Messages will take precedent over all messages

- All request will be reviewed by Sign Committee Member(s) before displaying

- Naples Fire and Rescue reserves the right to reject any or all requests.

Digital Sign Request Form
Date of Request
Name of Non-Profit Group
State Zip
Phone Fax

Dates message(s) will displayed: